Thursday, December 26, 2013

For now...

Throughout 2013 I wrote some articles about teaching like an artist on my other blog. Just to start things off on this new blog, I am copying this post from there. It compiles the posts that best fit in the series. Some links below will take you back to that blog.

The original post:

I had a lot of chances to express myself creatively this past year and it has been exciting. Without a doubt it has been the best time of my 20 years as a teacher.

Through reflecting on this and through blog posts, the theme that developed is Teaching Like an Artist.  The general idea is 
Artists get a vision for something that doesn't exist, 
they work to make it real 
and they share it with others

As teachers we can inspire more students if we follow that same pattern.

Here's a list of those articles, republished on this blog:
These two from my other blog are closely related to this concept:
And while I didn't realize it when I wrote them, these two posts fit well within this idea of teaching like an artist.