Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are you looking for a way through or a way out?

Artists do the work required to bring their vision into reality. They often make it look easy, but that's because we didn't see the thousands of hours spent practicing, making mistakes and learning what doesn't work. 

Success is on the other side of a big old mountain of work. What's more is we probably can't even see the whole mountain or the other pitfalls waiting just over the peak. 

I have worked with a lot of teachers to help them do exciting projects using technology. Those who resist using more tech always have a string of reasons why they don't use it more. It let them down once, or maybe just the fear of that keeps them from moving ahead. 

All my hours working with the tools certainly makes some of the usual hurdles easier to get through, but I don't disagree with those who say it is hard. In a traditional school setting it takes more work than most realize to make creative tech projects work out within the system.

To make any worthwhile idea into something real it will require us to push through more than we know. There's more dull routine, more battles for time, more negative emotion, more fear and more rejection than we expect. 

If we don't really want to do it or if we lose sight of the purpose, there will always be a handy excuse nearby. And who would blame us for quitting when all the others have given up their crazy dreams and settled for "realistic" long ago?

If the work matters, expect opposition. It will be up to you, though, to decide if that opposition is simply an obstacle to work through or a good excuse to back out.

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