Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Avoiding My Next Step

Teachers should be lead learners. I feel strongly about that and I'm hard on myself when I see my own resistance to stretch.

We can relate to our reluctant learners by finding the same reluctance in ourselves. Maybe I always did my homework, took good notes and didn't miss school. But there are always important responsibilities (things I won't confess!) that I resist. Week after week, I put them off.

I was thinking today of this list, in no particular order:

Things That are Easier than Taking My Next Step In Learning

  • Listening to people who say I'm good where I'm at
  • Complaining about people or groups that aren't as far along as I am - This might even be in an area not related to the next step I should take. Another easy approach is to direct it to those people who are making it harder for me to take the next step.
  • Drowning myself in entertainment
  • Taking on the priorities of others (possibly without thought) so I'm too busy
  • Planning to take my next step

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