Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Great Starting Point for Lessons - Interviews with Artists

I love reading interviews with artists. Even when I don't like their art, I find it fascinating how they think. A lot more reflection and work goes into what they do than what I'd expect. With all their skill and practice, they make things look easy.

But art is hard work. That's the really the message I see time and time again coming through. It takes a ton of effort to make good art.

Interviews with artists make a great starting point for lessons. Students love to read about their favorite musicians, actors or even game designers. Take a broad perspective on who qualifies, have them look up some interviews and get to the bottom of things like their style, their voice and their passions. In groups, have them discuss what the artists have in common and what makes them unique.

Possible directions from there:

  • Write two things you'd love to experience from the artist's life and two things you're glad you don't have to.
  • Make up questions for the artist that were not asked in the interview. Based on what you did read, how do you think the artist would respond? Why?
  • Did anything in the artist's childhood come out that is similar to your own childhood?
  • How would you describe the artist's style, voice or passions?
  • What does the artist's answers in the interview tell you about the amount of talent and the amount of work it takes to succeed? Give examples.

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