Monday, April 14, 2014

Haiku Creativity Game with Help from Facebook Friends

Since it's National Poetry Month, I played the Haiku Game with the family (my wife, 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son) tonight. 

It took one round for them to get the hang of it, then we went live on Facebook with our poems for the second round. 

We picked a random topic with the help of an online topic generator. We also drew six letter tiles from an old word game.  The first line must contain words that begin with the first two letters, in any order. The next two letters are for words in line two and so on. We drew an X and tossed it back, so be flexible on letter draws and even the random topics unless you are playing with an insanely creative group. 

Of course each player's poem must make a haiku in the form of five syllables, seven syllables and then five. 

Our topic was something about how weather affects moods. The letters were A, B, I, O, H and A in order. 

We took around five minutes to craft our haikus, then read them to each other. It's always a fun exercise once everyone realizes there's no pressure to be perfect. 

The usual game requires one player to sit out on writing each round, then he or she picks a favorite from the others. We decided tonight we'd post the poems on Facebook and have our friends vote. 

Here are our poems. The results are not in yet on a winner. 

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