Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetry Slideshow Using iMovie for iPad - Example and Video Tutorial

Last week I wrote about how I made a poetry slideshow with the free apps Pixlr Express and Videolicious. It's a great method, but I wanted to show an example I created with GarageBand and iMovie for iPad.

I am continually amazed by how much I can create with those two apps. And for new devices, they're free! (GarageBand has some in-app purchases to get all the features.)

Here's my example. I recorded the narration first. Then I created the music by just playing four chords on the guitar and strings Smart Instruments in GarageBand. Smart Drums were added too.

I exported it from GarageBand and imported it into iMovie to add the images. iMovie gives a lot more control over the pan and zoom features than Videolicious does.

This is the same haiku I used in the example in my previous post.

And here's a quick tutorial I made to show the steps I used in iMovie.

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