Friday, April 11, 2014

Recharge Your Inner Artist - Session for JCISD Un/Con

I'll be presenting a 75 minute hands-on session at the JSCISD Connected Educators Unconference on April 26. The theme of the event is "new connections, fresh ideas and next steps". My session is a PBL activity for teachers called Recharge Your Inner Artist and I'm very excited about it.

I don't want to give away all the specifics, but the activity is based on my Teaching Like an Artist articles. It will be a jam packed learning experience in a P^3BL format. Here's my outline:

  • Listen to a very brief introduction to the Teaching Like an Artist principles and the activity.
  • Get in groups and choose one of almost 30 digital projects (or make one up).
  • Work like crazy for 45 minutes to try to finish something.
  • Share your work and/or the learning.
  • Reflect on what was learned.
  • Leave with a ton of resources for further exploration.

While I have plenty of experience with the projects, the 75 minute format will an experiment for all involved. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone learns!

If you're anywhere near Jackson, MI, check out the Un/Con website for complete information on all presenters, activities and registration information.

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