Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resources for the Classroom on the Power of Story

Thanks to Lisa Johnson for her list on Listly to get me thinking of compiling these resources.

Who could argue that great teaching and great storytelling go hand in hand? When it comes to motivation, inspiration or just getting the information to stick, we all know from experience that a powerful story gets the job done.

I have been a big fan of Donald Miller's work with the power of story, especially his books Storyline and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Miller's point is that we can even live more meaningful lives by evaluating our goals and decisions in terms of what makes great stories. His books helped me through some personal struggles, so he's had my attention on the subject for years now.

Of course, he's not alone in these insights. It seems everyone from sales people to motivational speakers is learning to harness the power of stories and honing the skill of telling them in the best ways.

I'm just starting this list for use in the classroom. I'll keep adding to it as I find more.

Nancy Duarte's TEDx Talk - She reveals a story structure used in great speeches like the "I Have a Dream" speech and Job's introduction of the iPhone

Donald Miller's Free eBook - How to Tell a Story

Erin Gruwell's TEDx Talk - She tells the Freedom Writer's story, which itself illustrates how our stories move us and others.

Coming Soon - My creative classroom game of movie trailers - It uses Donald Miller's short recipe for a great story.

Harnessing the Power of Story - A shorter video focusing on finding your "signature story"

Storytelling the Stillmotion Way - Part 1 of a great series on Vimeo from a group that makes documentaries

Please add your favorite resources on story in the comments below or you can email me.

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