Saturday, October 31, 2015

Simple Music Video Projects

I'm highlighting a couple ways to create music video projects at conferences next week. I love these types of projects. They are a good example of how tech can let us "create like never before". I've seen them excite many students. They can be very time consuming, though! (I spent much of my Christmas break editing videos with this method for 5th graders.)

Taking the whole class through a music video project is going to be difficult, but it's good to know some basic tools and options.  That way you can recommend them to interested students who might prefer them as a presentation method.

In contrast to the very involved process above, here are some relatively simple techniques you can refer students to.

First, this is an example a teacher sent me of two students doing a rap that they worked on with the teacher. This was an early draft and it kind of falls apart after the first 30 seconds. You'll get the idea of how easy it can be though. There's no editing, just some background music for rhythm and their performance.

Using those simple lyrics, I had my two kids make pictures on paper. Using the "paper slide" model for videos, here's what I came up with. (Editing is not required on these, but I did take the audio from the above performance and combine it with the video using Corel VideoStudio editing software. You might choose to just play the music loudly in the background as you reveal each picture.)

And here's a final example using that same background track. This time I created the slides in Google Slides and combined them using WeVideo. It's a technique I usually use for narrated slideshows.


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