Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Starting at the Crossroads of Art and Tech

As part of a challenge for October, I've been blogging every day about topics related to our miGoogle conference session, The Way of the Google Drive. For this brief post, I want to zoom in closer to the heart of the matter.

The idea for the session came out of insights I learned and put into practice over the past two years. They recharged me, they've encouraged others and opportunities to spread the word have continued to develop. I've written about them a lot, but usually as I was discovering them and trying to put them into words.

Now that I can look back on a couple years of success, I will sum them up concisely in three posts (counting this one).

We have to start at a crossroads of two paths. I call them The Way of the Artist and The Way of the Google Drive. One is filled with passion, creativity, spirituality and humanity. The other is cold, hard tech.

We won't set out from this place, traveling one path or the other. We'll set out on the task before us, which is a process of making and being made. As educators, it is a process of real teaching and real learning. The final goal is to become what we were meant to be and to help our students to do the same.

Anything less than that misses the point.

In the next two days I'll explain what I mean by The Way of the Artist and The Way of the Google Drive. The rest of the month we can look at specific examples of putting the ideas into practice.

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