Saturday, October 3, 2015

Starting with Why

"People lose their way because they lose their 'why'" - Michael Hyatt

I always say my three steps to tech training are:
  1. Show what's possible.
  2. Let people connect it to their passions.
  3. Get out of the way.*
But I've found there's nothing special about new technology when it comes to learning. People resist it like they resist anything else that takes effort or requires change.

It's easier to invent excuses.

When a person has a reason to learn, though, suddenly they find a way through or over the obstacles. Suddenly those new tech tools aren't as hard to learn as they expected or that old routine isn't so comfortable.

Over and over I see the spark turn into a flame when people realize technology tools can help them organize and create in ways that let them do what they love.

Connect the tools to their 'why', then 'how' takes care of itself.

I know a science teacher who would prefer to be outdoors, away from computers, blogs and all the other things I'm pushing in our school. One day we were talking about how he could get pictures from his phone into a Google Slides presentation or into a video. He started seeing the possibilities of students taking pictures outside and quickly finishing their presentations later when they got to a computer.

I worked with him for a couple hours and let him explore the tools. The next day he could hardly wait to tell me how he was using them with his class.

The same thing happened this week when I met with a counselor who struggles with even simple tech tools and processes. I slowly went over some possibilities of keeping information in Google Drive and how it would allow her to share with teachers or students. She could hardly contain her excitement.

So I start my tech sessions by reminding teachers and students that digital technology gives us some of the most powerful tools in the world to accomplish big things. I remind them of their dreams. It doesn't impact everyone every time, but I can see it in their eyes when it does.

*There's really a fourth step, which is to provide necessary support. That's mostly the work I do that pays my bills!


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photo credit: AKU_4975 (Large) via photopin (license)

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