Friday, October 2, 2015

Why it's great being connected

 October is Connected Educator Month and here's an example that illustrates why I love living and learning in these connected times.

This morning I listened to Vicki Davis' interview with Kevin Honeycutt. I loved it (and highly recommend it), so I sent out this Tweet. Later in the day both Vicki and Kevin replied. It's one thing to learn from your heroes, but when they're in your PLN they actually pay attention to you!

Being connected goes both ways. We take from and give to each other, making it encouraging and inspiring to all involved.

I'm doing a challenge this month to post on one of my blogs every day. It's in preparation for my conference session, The Way of the Google Drive. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or on either blog to keep up with the "thoughts and tools to inspire".

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