Monday, February 29, 2016

Trailer for Our MACUL 2016 Session - The Way of the Google Drive

I'm teaming up with my friends Clark and Jake again to deliver the best session of MACUL 2016! (We're aiming for nothing less!)

I've trained and worked with hundreds of teachers around the state in the past year and I'm convinced of this: Teachers will be transformed and recharged when: 

  • They see what's possible.
  • And they remember why they decided to teach.

We do not need more "how-to" tech training. We need to rediscover our why and blow the ceiling off our idea of what it means to teach.

So our presentation will be packed full of practical tips and tools for learning and creating like never before as well as some big ideas for staying inspired.

Check out our short trailers to get a glimpse of what's in store!

Gonna be there? Please give us a SHOUT-OUT on Twitter!
Tweet: I'll be at The Way of the Google Drive on 3/10 at #MACUL16! Check it out here: #miched

This trailer focuses on the inspiration - Remembering the dream, seeing the possibilities:

This one is a summary of some examples we'll share:

See this recent blog post for more information.

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