Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Finding Good Ideas

I'm always intrigued by the question of where ideas come from. Do creative people "come up with them" or are they discovered?

Here's a great TED Talk that addresses that question. It's from the band OK Go. They reveal the thinking behind their amazingly creative music videos.

Besides the points it makes about creativity, there is much to learn about making an engaging presentation. Students and teachers need to watch it.

And while we are on the topic, I'll give my own thought on whether ideas are created or discovered. It is (as you can see in the video, though it isn't explicitly stated) a combination of both. 

I liken it to building your dream house. The ideal location has to be discovered, but then a lot of design and work must follow to make it all you hoped for. 

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  1. very true mike idea gets sparked in our minds in different settings personally idea gets geberated in my mind through meditation that’s how ideas get generated in my mind we probably all have different ways in which ideas get generated In our minds thanks for sharing this


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